Dr. Lori Adamson holds a Diploma in Dermatology from the University of Cardiff, Wales. This is a General Practice Dermatology service (sometimes referred to as “GP’s with a special interest” in Dermatology). It is a referral-only service, meaning you must obtain a referral from another physician (family doctor or specialist) for a consultation.

Dr. Lori Adamson does not have a Fellowship Dermatologists and make no representations as such. She does have extra training in Dermatology though, and can provide assistance where the services of a Dermatologist may not be necessary.

Sanders Medical provides phototherapy (narrow band UVB therapy) for the treatment of psoriasis and some other skin conditions such as eczema. A referral is required from another physician to be seen by our dermatology physician. Often we will recommend additional topical or systemic therapies to compliment the phototherapy to achieve the best possible outcome.

All medical Dermatology and phototherapy services, including consultations, are fully covered by Provincial health care insurance.



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