Our Team

SandersStaff1Lana: Office Manager, Phlebology and Dermatologic Assistant

Lana has been with Sanders Medical for 24 years. She is our office and organizational manager and helps run everything we do at Sanders Medical. Lana has an unparalleled dedication to excellence and a passion for providing superb patient care. She is also an extremely experienced phlebology, EVLT and dermatologic procedure assistant and certified compression stocking fitter. Lana accompanied Dr. Bill Sanders and Dr. April Sanders on a medical mission trip to Honduras in 2008, where they cared for patients with advanced venous disease and received a wealth of experience.

donnaDonna: Medical Aesthetician, Laser Clinician, Aesthetic Skin Care Consultant and CoolSculpting Team Leader

Donna is a highly experienced and dedicated medical aesthetic skin care consultant and laser clinician. Her professional mantra is “good skin care for life” and she believes if you take good care of your skin you will have a lifetime of graceful ageing. Donna gained her certification with the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale Arizona in 2008. She has trained in the latest technologies in laser skin and rejuvenation treatments including Thermage CPT, Fraxel Dual and numerous other laser systems. Donna also has extensive knowledge and experience in non-invasive fat removal with CoolSculpting and is the Sanders Medical CoolSculpting team lead. She has attended CoolSculpting University in Pleasanton, California on two separate occasions and as part of our team has helped more than 1,000 patients achieve their goals with CoolSculpting. Donna is a warm and compassionate person and is deeply dedicated to her clients.

carlyCarly: Medical Aesthetician, Laser Clinician, Aesthetic Skin Care Consultant and CoolSculpting Clinician

Carly is a highly experienced laser and CoolSculpting clinician who has taken advanced training in Fraxel Dual, Thermage CPT, laser hair removal, IPL and CoolSculpting procedures. She obtained her Laser Technician certification in 2008 from the Rocky Mountain Laser College in Lakewood, Colorado and has 10+ years’ experience and counting using numerous aesthetic laser devices. Carly has attended CoolSculpting University in Pleasanton, California on two occasions to expand and refine her considerable skills. Carly is a consummate professional and patients love her warm, calm demeanor.

sarahSarah: Medical Office Assistant, Vein Assistant and Skin Care Consultant

Sarah is a highly experienced medical office assistant with over 10 years’ experience working in physician offices. Sarah also assists our physicians with sclerotherapy treatments. She is very knowledgeable about our skin care products and the various treatments available at Sanders Medical. Sarah specializes in putting people at ease with her calm, kind and professional demeanor and is a wonderful resource for both our staff and our patients.

terezaTereza LPN: Clinic Nurse and UVB Manager

Tereza is our clinic nurse. She first trained as an RN in the Czech Republic and more recently as an LPN in Canada. She brings many years’ experience working in various medical environments. Tereza runs our UVB program and also assists with EVLT and dermatologic procedures. Tereza is an experienced wound care nurse and has also worked as a lab assistant. She is an avid skier and volunteers with the Silver Star Ski Patrol in the winter and can be seen riding her mountain bike around Vernon in the summer.

ainsleaAinslie: Medical Office Assistant, Laser Technician and Physician Assistant

Ainslie has been a medical office assistant for over 26 years and brings a wealth of experience to our office. She has worked as a laser technician for over 10 years providing IPL and laser hair reduction services to her clients. Ainslie also assists the physicians during Botox and filler treatments and is known for her cheerful, kind and attentive manner.