Vernon Skin Tag Removal: Get Rid of Your Skin Tag Quickly and Safely

Vernon Skin Tag Removal: Get Rid of Your Skin Tag Quickly and Safely

One day your chest was smooth, the next a pink little blip of skin was hanging there. Skin tag removal is a procedure we perform regularly at Sanders Medical. Luckily, skin tags can be removed as quickly and easily as they appear.

Most people want to get rid of a skin tag because they’re irritating or unsightly. It’s important you feel carefree and confident about your looks, and removing a skin tag is a minor and inexpensive skin care treatment.

Since skin tags are a common skin problem we get asked about, we’d like to address your most common skin tag questions:

What are skin tags?

Skin tags, called acrochorda by doctors, are benign bits of skin growth that can appear anywhere, but tend to show up more on the chest, neck, groin and eyelids. They’re usually oddly shaped, smooth or wrinkled and skin coloured or brown.

Why do I have a skin tag?

You can probably thank pregnancy, your gender or your age. They’re most common in adults, particularly among women. Many pregnant women suddenly find skin tags on their bodies, and it’s believed all those extra hormones are the cause.

How can I get rid of my skin tag?

There are almost a dozen at-home remedies for removing skin tags, from tying knots of string to cutting with scissors. The problem is many of these methods are ineffective, unsafe and can lead to burning and scarring.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective skin tag removal in Kelowna, Vernon or Salmon Arm, visit the physicians at Sanders Medical. We offer two types of medical skin tag removal treatments:

  • Liquid nitrogen – Using cyrotherapy, we can freeze and remove your skin tag with liquid nitrogen. It’s important to have this treatment performed by a trained medical professional, especially if you have a skin tag near the eyes, since improper liquid nitrogen application can lead to scarring or discolouration.
  • Electrocautery – We can remove your skin tag quickly and without pain or scarring using a gentle electrocautery machine. Its precise needle heats your skin tag so that it crusts and falls off within a week. This is a good treatment for small skin tags, and you won’t even need a band-aid!