Spot Reduction Now A Reality


Remember when there was so much buzz about spot training, the idea that you could lose weight in a specific area. For example: you do endless crunches to have better abs and that will help you lose stomach fat, but then the experts said no more than it will help you lose weight from the rest of your body. But now there is a safe, effective, permanent way to get rid of those love handles.

Over the past couple of years I’ve put on some weight, kind of opposite to spot reduction, it felt like it all went in my mid-section. Due to a series of injuries I wasn’t working out, but didn’t change the way I was eating.

My husband surprised me with Coolsculpting for my birthday. The photos of my progress are amazing. I had no idea how thick in the middle I had become, but now I have curves again!

The team at Sanders Medical in Vernon is amazing. They have done over 1,000 Coolsculpting procedures. What happens is the machine actually freezes your fat without damaging your skin and those fat cells are gone forever! The recovery is quick and the reduction happens over several weeks so it can be your little secret. I love that idea that you’re in a facility that feels like a spa, but there are also doctors on staff.

Coolsculpting has changed how I feel about myself. I feel so great that I’m eating better and I went back to the gym. It was the encouragement I needed to get my life back. I’ll be back in my favourite jeans soon all thanks to my husband and the team at Sanders!

If it is something you’re thinking about, talk to Donna – she’ll answer all your questions and determine if you are a good candidate. My ‘spot reduction’ has been amazing!