Spider Veins Disappear with Laser Vein Therapy in Vernon

Spider Veins Disappear with Laser Vein Therapy in Vernon

If you have spider veins on your face, people always think you’re warm, blushing or drinking. If they’re on your legs, you’re always looking for ways to cover them up. As a leading Vernon spider vein treatment centre, Sanders Medical can help you get back your complexion and your confidence with laser therapy.


How can laser therapy to treat your spider veins?

The laser has quickly become one of the most popular spider vein therapy treatments for facial spider veins and small spider veins on the legs.

The laser’s advanced technology uses light energy which is absorbed only by the targeted blood vessels. The blood vessels then coagulate and your body re-absorbs them. Now you’ve got smoother, more even-toned skin.

Though sclerotherapy is also a common spider vein treatment, laser vein therapy in Vernon offers several advantages.

Advantages of using laser therapy to treat spider veins:

  • It’s almost painless. Patients describe the laser tip as a ‘tingling’ that’s somewhat uncomfortable.
  • Surrounding skin tissues are protected. Advanced laser technology allows your Vernon vein treatment specialist to deliver a precise dose of focused energy to each blood vessel without affecting the surrounding skin. That’s why laser therapy is safe for spiders veins on your face.
  • Short treatments. Laser vein therapy can be performed in minutes (often just 10 or 20 minutes), and most spider veins disappear within one or two sessions.
  • No downtime. Since this is a non-surgical procedure, you can get right back to your regular routine.

After laser therapy to treat spider veins on your face or legs, the treated area of your skin will change from blue to red and then disappear within two to six weeks. No more heavy make-up or long pants on hot days!