Saggy Skin or Turkey Neck?

Saggy Skin or Turkey Neck? The Real Cure from Vernon Skin Care Experts

They say you can tell a woman’s age by her neck: It’s the only feature creams and Botox and plastic surgery can’t get at. Not anymore. As the leading center for skin care treatment in Vernon, the physicians at Sanders Medical have the cure for turkey neck and sagging skin.

It’s called Thermage

Thermage technology uses radiowaves to warm and expand your collagen as well as stimulate collagen growth for immediate and long-lasting results.

The world was introduced to Thermage in 2003 when an Oprah episode titled Look Younger! Live Longer! touted the state-of-the-art treatment as a “lunchtime face-lift.” No knives. No down time.

Within hours, thousands of women became believers as Thermage turned their turkey necks into tight, smooth skin that shaved years off their appearance.

Ten years later, Thermage is still one of the top anti-aging skin care procedures in the Okanagan.

Thinking about Thermage to cure your turkey neck? Consider these tips from the Vernon skin care specialists.


Treats any skin type and gives you improved contour, tone and texture on your forehead, eyes, cheeks, jaw line, jowls and upper neck.
Penetrates your skin’s tissue with radio waves that heat your treatment area and stimulate new collagen growth for a natural look.
Gives you supple, younger-looking skin in minutes and the results can last for years!

Are you looking for a Kelowna skin care treatment that gives you natural and immediate results for your sagging skin? Contact the trained physicians at the Okanagan’s top skin, laser and vein treatment center, Sanders Medical. Book your Thermage treatment today!