Soft Lift

soft_liftThe SOFT LIFT™ is an exciting new application of BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM® used in combination to achieve a “lifting” in the cheek area which restores a more youthful look by reducing sagging in the mid-face (JUVÉDERM®) and a reduction in upper face lines and wrinkles plus a brow lift (BOTOX®).

The SOFT LIFT™ represents an evolution in the understanding of how faces age over time. A loss of facial volume results in the “3 D”s”: deflation, decent and deterioration of the supporting layers of the skin. JUVÉDERM® and BOTOX®, when used correctly, can have an impressive and instantaneous effect in reversing some of the effects of the 3 D’s.

The SOFT LIFT™ is ideal for patients aged 35-65 who seek a treatment that is, in expert hands, relatively simple, has no down time and is virtually painless.